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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight a man who worked with student athletes now facing disturbing charges and it all started with a fire near the suspect's house. plus it's not exactly what comes to mind when you think of bedbugs. wait until you hear where these pesky bugs popped up in our
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area. but first a story you'll only see on fox 5. >> reporter: i noticed you parked in one of the handicapped spaces, may i ask what your disability is? >> i don't have a disability. >> people caught on camera using handicapped spaces leaving those who need them without any place to park. we start off with that fox 5 investigation weeks in the making. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. handicapped parking spots at a local metro lot not going to those in need. tonight we confront the drivers taking them. tissue thompson s live with answers. >> reporter: -- tisha thompson is live with the answers. >> reporter: this came from a tip who wrote us saying come to the parking lot during lunch hour. check the joggers in spiked heels or running shoes running for the trains. all you need is a handicapped sticker. who is checking? so we came out to the branch avenue metro station and checked out these metro handicapped spots and we got answers even we weren't
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expecting. the moon is still up. the cats are still on the prowl, but the first row of handicapped parking is already full at the branch avenue metro station in prince george's county. >> that's why i get here as early as i do. >> reporter: celestine walker has knee problems and snagged the first space in the last row at 4:46 in the morning, long before the trains had even begun to run. >> of course, it frustrates me to see someone pull up, put a little sign like that in their window and walk out with heels on. it does drive me crazy because i think whoever used it should have a valid disability. >> reporter: mildred williams has asthma. >> a lot of people think just because you can't see the disability that people aren't disabled because you can't see mine, but it's there. >> reporter: which is why to get answers we had to ask a very uncomfortable question. if you don't mind me asking, what is your disability? >> i have a train to catch. >> reporter: we've had a lot of
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people complaining about people using those placards when they don't really have a disability. ma'am, is that your placard? she was in a hurry, but minutes later returned to move her car to a regular space. >> i have a bad knee. >> i have asthma. >> i was in a car accident and i have a back injury. >> reporter: most people were more than willing to tell us about their disabilities because they say they want someone to do something about the parking problem. >> i witnessed myself too many that are not even by any stretch of the imagination handicapped. it's become a very unfortunate scam. >> reporter: this man told us he has a muscular impairment. >> those who are handicapped are a little bit slower getting here and they have no space to part. >> reporter: we never got his name because at that moment -- to park. >> reporter: we never got his name because at that moment this woman got out of her suv. i'm tisha thompson with channel 5. may i ask you what your disability is? >> no, you can't.
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>> reporter: we notice you're wearing high heeled shoes. >> yes. >> reporter: so people are obviously going to ask questions is she really disabled? >> yes, i am. >> reporter: she later called us and admitted the suv is not registered in her name but still refused to say who owned the placard. do you mind me asking what your disability is? >> no. >> reporter: do you mind me asking what your disability is? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: everyone who refused to tell us about their disability also told us they didn't care if someone abused the system. you don't have problems with people taking the spaces when you don't need them? >> no. >> reporter: and then this guy admitted he did not have a disability. >> i don't have a disability. >> reporter: you don't? >> no. >> reporter: is that your placard? >> yes, it is. it's my spouse's. >> reporter: it's for your spouse, okay. but you're parking in the handicapped space. >> okay. >> reporter: is that fair? >> maybe not. >> reporter: the law says the person with the disability must be in the car in order for the placard to be used. so why do it? the answer might be hall of the
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with disabled placards also had expired meters. that's because metro says disabled drivers don't have to pay to park at a metered spot. now metro told us that it does not ask people to prove whether or not the placard belongs to them. in other jurisdictions like howard county, however, they do do sting operations to find out if the placard belongs to them and if it doesn't, they'll take that placard away. there is more to this story. coming up at 11:00 we'll show you what happens when a man tries to find a parking space that's big enough for one of his wheelchair van accessible vehicles and we talk to the people who took those precious spaces. shawn. >> it seems very tough to enforce out there. thank you. we look forward to the update. another big story tonight, a man who works with middle school and high school wrestlers in our area has been arrested for child pornography. fairfax county firefighters tipped police off to the
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suspect after responding to a fire. fox 5's roby chavez live in the newsroom with more details. >> this was a three month investigation. back in june alert firefighters observed the disturbing material when they were putting out a fire in a home next-door. tonight a firefighter and wrestling official is now charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography. fairfax county police say a fire in this home back in june exposed a stash of child pornography inside a home right next-door. the home belongs to 51-year-old mark bargett. firefighters entered his home to make sure the fire did not spread there. once inside, however, they made this shocking find, neighbors are grateful. >> that's great. i applaud them. i have grandkids that come over quite often. >> reporter: sources inside say police found boxes of pornography involving children including pictures and dvds. neighbors remember watching the fire, then police swarming the home next-door. >> we just saw a bunch of
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police go in there and a bunch were sitting here waiting, waiting and waiting. and they finally came out with probably seven to nine boxes of stuff. railroad bargett live -- >> reporter: gargett lived in this home but had two high profile positions as a fireman with the metro airport authority and was also a wrestling official for young kids the last 10 years in the area. now he's only charged with possession, but fairfax county police still want to hear from anyone who believes there was improper behavior with youngsters. >> if you're a parent of one of those children and you want to open up a conversation with your child, speak with your child about those matches and ask if they have any information that they'd like to share with the police department. >> reporter: the wrestling association was shocked at the allegation and issued this statement saying in part, "we are displayed to learn of the allegations. we hope that they are proven to be unfounded. under any circumstances we wish to make it clear that these allegations have no connection
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to his duties as an independent contractor to our association." neighbors say bargett kept to himself. >> he was quiet. i don't know that much about him at all. >> reporter: now the northern virginia wrestling officials association also wanted to make clear there are strict rules that forbid an official to be alone with any young wrestlers without the presence of the team coach or other team members. a former teacher at one of the district's most prestigeous schools sentenced in a child sex abuse case. robert peterson taught 7th and 8th grade and in january was charged with sexual abuse of minor and other crimes. prosecutors say he invited a boy to his home, showed him pornography and touched him and was immediately fired. a 21-year-old woman ashley mcrae was found shot to death early saturday morning. her sister last saw her leaving a nightclub in northeast with a
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man she had known for a month or two. mcrae's family and friends say she always had a smile on her face. >> her smile, i see her smile. that's what's keeping me going. i keep seeing her smile. she had the prettiest smile in the world. >> she was a people's person. anybody could tell you that. she could communicate well with people, know what i'm saying? >> she liked working. >> mcrae attended booker t. washington charter school and was taking classes at devry university. it could be a vote to put a legal end to discrimination in the military, but it won't end the debate. the repeal of don't ask don't tell is about to hit the floor of the senate. fox 5's bob barnard explains it is far from a done deal. >> president obama and dense secretary robert gates support ending don't ask, don't tell. so do a majority of house members. the question tonight, how will u.s. senators vote? passed by congress in 1993, don't ask don't tell allows gays to serve in the military,
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but not openly. in may of this year the house of representatives voted to repeal the ban. now it's the senate's turn. the legislation attached to the defense authorization bill upsetting groups who don't want gays to openly serve in the military. >> the individual senators and how they vote in this motion to proceed is something they'll be held accountable for. >> reporter: at a news conference of christian leaders in washington the family research council's tony perkins urged senators to leave the law alone. >> we would say if this fails tomorrow, the pressure will continue. >> reporter: those who want the policy overturned say more than 13,000 homosexual service members have been fired since don't ask don't tell became law. >> i wanted to serve my country. i'm able to serve my country. i was great at what i did. it makes no sense that you discharged me just based on sexual orientation. >> reporter: the pentagon is in the mid of an in-house survey to see bether -- middle of an in-house survey to see whether
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gays serving openly would hurt army operations. >> even in 2005 it was not an issue. i was open relatively to my peers. everyone knew and it was not a problem whatsoever. >> reporter: yet jarrett japowski is now lobbying to get don't ask don't tell repealed? >> there was this level of paronoia that constantly existed that just made it impossible to maintain a career in the military. >> i am here today because i would like to propose a new law. >> reporter: at an afternoon repeal it rally in portland maine lady gaga was trying to get that state's two republican senators to switch sides. >> but i'm more concerned that john mccain and other republican senators are using homophobia as a defense in their arguments. >> reporter: whatever happens in the senate tomorrow its democratic leadership said nothing will likely happen with don't ask don't tell until sometime after november's mid- term elections. >> we'll be tackling this topic
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at 10:30 this evening with two of d.c.'s most prominent representatives on each side of the debate. lieutenant dan choi who you saw at the center of the debate because of his sexuality and bishop harry jackson who is against allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the military. be sure to stay with us for that discussion. it's official, the worst recession in decade is over. an academic panel confirms the recession ended in june of last year. the national bureau of economic research says the recession began in december of '07 and lasted 18 months. about that's the longest recession the country has endured since world war ii. president obama weighed in on the subject today during a town hall meeting on cnbc. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay bills day to day, it's still very real for them. >> as for the recovery, most economists agree it is moving very slowly. new charges for a suspected serial killer. coming up next the man accused
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in a stabbing spree back in court and one of the victims gives us an update on his recovery. you've heard about bedbugs turning up all over parts of new york. now try frederick maryland. i'm will thomas. find out where they're turning up. yuck. i'm sue palka. temperatures tonight head for the low 40s in parts of the viewing area, maybe enough to zap a few of those bedbugs but just in time for the first day of fall summer heat will return. i'll have your forecast coming up. >> keep it right here. fox 5 news at 10:00 is just getting started. ;@3@ñw0úúb
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accused of going on a murder spree today elias zabulazam was in court. he's suspected of a string of attacks stabbing and killing five men and injuring at least 13 others. tonight he faces more charges.
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>> these are new charges today against the suspected serial stabber. he appeared in a flint, michigan courtroom today to answer to four new charges, one count of murder and three counts of attempted murder. >> that is a felony offense under michigan law where you face life in prison. you understand that penalty? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: wearing a pink jail jumpsuit elias a beisel saddam a -- elise ya abulazam in court today. police say they found miner's blood in that suv. miner's relatives were in court monday. also there, another victim, 17- year-old antwon wilson. >> i almost died, you know. they had to revive me twice. i had 40 staples in my stomach. it's scary, you know. >> reporter: wilson's scars and
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the physical pain a daily reminder of the horror he went through. >> i do want to ask him like why, you know? what went wrong? you know, the point where he had to just start stack innocent people? >> we suspect that he was -- stabbing innocent people? >> we suspect that he was preying on vulnerable african american men trying to take their lives and destroy them. >> reporter: prosecutor david layton said investigators still have no motive or any other suspects in the cases. >> we'll do everything we can to see that these cases are won so that you can have the closure that you need and that way you can lock this fellow up forever because that's what justice requires. >> reporter: and remember abulazam is suspected in three attacks in leesburg virginia, two with a knife, another with a hammer. all of those victims survived. leesburg police are also looking at him as a possible suspect in a deadly stabbing last year.
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a developing story now along the coastline, hurricane igor turning up dangerous surf after pummeling bermuda. three people died. the storm knocked out power to half the island. igor is a category 1 storm moving away from the u.s. heading towards newfoundland. igor is not the only storm we're keeping track of. sue palka is in the weather center. >> the tropics are still pretty active, but julia is now gone, but we've got to watch the big waves and rip currents along the entire east coast which will continue through tomorrow. meanwhile here is the latest with hurricane igor. yes, it is still a hurricane even though it is racing away at 650 miles southwest of cape race newfoundland looking at it here on water vapor. this thing is now moving at 30 miles an hour, still hands wind of 75 and as mentioned, julia is gone, but here's the latest on igor. you can see those winds of 75 miles an hour now well north of bermuda. bermuda got hit hard but not as bad as it could have been. it was about 40 miles west.
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so they got slammed but not major damage is what i'm understanding. at 6:00 in the morning wednesday could still have 80 miles per hour and the tropical storm warnings are flying for newfoundland and then it gets out of here, but what else are we watching? nothing imminent in the atlantic, but just now coming off the coast of africa about 450 miles west of the cape verde islands we have a new system looking pretty impressive tonight. it's not a depression yet but could soon become one and could, in fact, become tropical storm lisa in the next 48 hours. so that's what's going on in the tropics. get ready for more heat, too. we've got a cool night tonight, but we've got temperatures that will be pushing 90 as we go through the five-day forecast. we'll talk about that coming up in a little bit. >> summer not finished yet. thank you. new tonight bedbug discoveries in the most unlikely of places, children's books. i'm talking about new york city where there have been bedbugs laying eggs and shutting down businesses for a while now. fox 5's will thomas takes us to
10:21 pm
frederick, maryland, for this one. >> reporter: urbana public library, 1,000 people a day pass through here, but it's what a collection supervisor discovered outside in the book drop friday that prompted frederick county officials to spring into action. >> we were especially fortunate because our circulation supervisor who was doing that task used to work in the hospitality industry. so she was trained in looking for exactly this kind of bug. >> reporter: elizabeth cromwell is the community relations manager for frederick county libraries. bedbugs discovered in books? that's a first. >> i've been here eight years and never heard of this. my director has been in the library business his entire career and he's never heard of this either. >> reporter: this is one of about a half dozen bedbugs collected from a couple of children's books in the drop- off bin. those books along with all the others with them that day are now sitting in the back of this
10:22 pm
truck baking. experts are telling the county once the temperature reaches 120 degrees it kills any remaining bugs. >> i think it's disgusting and i hope that they don't come into mimi house. >> reporter: -- my house. >> reporter: that's only half the attack. starting tuesday morning all eight frederick county libraries will be exterminated as a precaution, but you won't know it. it will happen before the doors even open. >> the product that we're using in the library system is called tempo 1% and it's combined with steam and it's used throughout all eight of our buildings. we're told it's safe for people and for animals except bugs. >> reporter: you've heard about bedbugs living the high life in manhattan infesting nike's flagship store, the empire state building, a movie theater. but here at the urbana public library it appears fast acting employees may have discovered those bugs in time to prevent any real inconvenience.
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in frederick, maryland, will thomas, fox 5 news. would you eat genetically altered salmon? coming up next the feds are trying to decide whether the fish is safe. we have both sides of this ou serve to your family. the and a frustrated redskins player has a message for his coaches. hear what he said and how coach shanahan is reacting next. equals chili's $20 dinner for two. share one of five appetizers, like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sae, r new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served or a bed of sizzling peppers and onions.
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my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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layi) announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty bags with unscented odor block technology help neutralize odors with no added scent. hefty! hefty! hefty! it's the game that got away. >> redskins are kicking themselves and evaluating what went wrong in yesterday's heartbreaking hoss to the houston texans. fox 5 -- loss to the houston texans. fox 5's sports director dave feldman. >> a lot went wrong. they held a lead in the 3rd quarter but couldn't close it out. houston stole 20 unanswered points to steal the victory leaving fans and players stunned. just over two minutes left, skins leading 27-20. texans facing a 4th and 10.
10:27 pm
matt schaub steps up and throws to the end zone and andre johnson leaps over and comes down with a 34-yard touchdown it. ties the game at 27, forcing overtime. in overtime after graham gano missed a 52-yard field goal neil racker kicks the game winning 35-yard field goal to give the texans a 30-27 victory and today a frustrated d'angelo hall was asked about game time's td. >> that's a good receiver in this league and, you know, you would like coverage to work out the way that you plan it to work out. got a chance to win. like i said, we'll go back to the drawing board. it won't happen like that again. if andre johnson is out there, i want to be out there. >> you want guys that believe themselves and know they can get the job done. any time you do have a ball thrown up in the air on 4th and 10 and you don't come down with it, obviously it was a little frustrating for those guys.
10:28 pm
>> the team received some encouraging news today. the mri on rookie trent williams left knee came back negative. shanahan won't notice until wednesday whether or not williams can play sun against st. louis. the injury -- sunday against st. louis. the injury occurred late in the 4th quarter. at least there's this. the redskins are better off after two weeks than the dallas cowboys who are 0-2 and in last place in the nfc east. so there is that. >> some consolation. in just a matter of hours congress will begin to tackle a difficult decision. should it repeal the don't ask, don't tell policy? we're diving into the controversy in a live debate coming up next. eas
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you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. in a matter of hours u.s. fors are facing a showdown over the don't ask don't tell policy. it bans gays and lesbians from openly serving in the military. tonight we have two guests to help us take a closer look at the issue. lieutenant dan choi was discharged from the military and bishopper it jackson -- bishop jackson is a member of the high energy leadership coalition. the president is in favor of changing this policy and so is the defense secretary robert gates, the two most powerful men involved in this decision on board. why should it not be changed? >> well, most military men are not in favor of the change in all deference to those two leaders. also it can damage unit cohesion and also readiness in war and imagine if there's sexual tension that's going on
10:33 pm
in the barracks. >> mr. jackson, this sounds like the exact same argument used to keep women out of the military way back when. >> no. i think it's different. there's no constitutional privilege or right for anyone to serve in the military. we've got to think about what's best for protecting the nation. it's as simple as that. so just like a football team, let's get the best team on the field regardless of gender, sex, any of those things and make sure that america's safe. this will undermine the productivity and the ability for our military to protect. >> lieutenant dan choi, how by allowing gays and lesbians in the military is not the best team on the field? >> i think when you fire people simply for their integrity, for their act of telling the truth about who they are, there is nobody who can say that any team, any organization is strengthened. when i put on this uniform, when i wore these clothes in
10:34 pm
combat in iraq just like there are thousands who are serving in iraq and afghanistan right now, i didn't swear just to serve a certain kind of people. i didn't swear to protect only a certain kind of religious liberties. i swore to protect everybody and for anyone on to get up on the tv and say that we cannot risk the truth or integrity, i think makes a mockery not only of what our country was founded on, but the civil rights movement and what scripture tells us. i was raised in a religious tradition as well and i -- >> let me respond to this. >> absolutely. >> well, i think there's also an issue of the liberty of chaplains that they're going to be afraid of losing their job. so they preach what the bible teaches. others cannot systematically study the word of god according to their faith in wartime. you would know this, lieutenant. that where -- >> i think that when you are making assumptions about people
10:35 pm
in war as to whether they can have religions or not, we should take a lesson from those people who are actually at war. you know, something that we learned in iraq is that when a military is subordinated to the interests of a religious minority or a religious group of any sort, you have the same kind of social problems that the middle east has that the countries that we are trying to liberate and to improve have and i don't think that america is built on those same foundations. >> mr. jackson, let's give you a chance here. go ahead. >> well, i don't think it's a civil rights issue here. >> i do. >> well, obviously you do, but there's some evidence that -- >> why don't you? >> -- some evidence that you press the issue forcing people to recognize who you were, but the bottom line is we're not here to be gay. we're not here to be married. we're here to protect the country. >> nobody is telling you to be
10:36 pm
gay. what i'm saying is what i face -- when i've faced racism in this country and homophobia and i think it feels exactly the same. >> are you going to let me talk at all? >> go ahead. but i'm not going to let you lie about what the soldiers are feeling. >> let me ask you this. why do most of military higher- ups, why do they want to resist this? they don't like the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. why are people concerned about the atmosphere of unit cohesion? would you answer me that. >> when i was in the military, when i was serving openly, i told the truth about who i am. i refused to bear false witness to my neighbor as my daddy taught me and i believe that any time that we tell the truth to the people to our right and to our left in the time of war or in a time of training the unit cohesion strengthens. so i don't know if harry jackson, if you have any kind of experience being gay in the military unit, but i do and i
10:37 pm
think what you're saying is bearing false witness to your neighbors here. >> let me jump in here for a second. lieutenant choi, i want to ask you this, not to delve too deep into the legislative minutia that's going to go on tomorrow, but republicans don't want to open this up and allow a circumventing of the process the pentagon is going through right now. why are you against letting the pentagon finish this job? they're the most impacted by this policy, have them report back in december and discuss it then? >> we are in a time of two wars currently where it is difficult to maintain and retain the skills and talented soldiers that we need in order to properly resource our soldiers overseas single day that soldiers have to lie about who they are and live in shame and fear i think is a day that america is not fulfilling its promise. so when you ask me why don't i wait, i learned the same
10:38 pm
lessons in school from all of the civil rights leaders who said that our american promise is not just for some people, not just for straight people, but for all people and anybody who thinks otherwise i think needs to look at the history books again. >> mr. jackson, we'll let you have the last point here. go ahead. >> well, thank you. lieutenant general bostic said the people that disagree with this are bigots, et cetera, et cetera and we don't need any of them. they can all go. >> he didn't say that actually. >> well, he actually did. >> you're putting words in his mouth. >> lieutenant choi, let bishop jackson have the last word. >> but that general attitude shows that this thing is political. i think that what we have is a liberal democrats who are trying to score points with radical gay movements before the midterm election. it needs to be studied. it needs to be weighed out and i want my country and all people in it to be safe. >> discrimination does not need to be studied. it is wrong, period.
10:39 pm
>> okay. we'll leave it at that. lieutenant dan choi, bishop harry jackson, we thank you both. you're both obviously very passionate about your sides of the issue and both spoke eloquently on behalf of your positions. we appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. in other news tonight, some call it the super salmon but others have nicknamed it the frankenfish. coming up the feds are trying to decide if genetically altered fish is really safe for you to eat. plus she just did time in jail and now lindsay lohan is in trouble again. find out why there's a warrant out for her arrest. 
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an arrest warrant has been issued for lindsay lohan.
10:43 pm
the judge issued the order after lohan failed a drug test. lohan is facing possible jail time for violating probation. she spent two weeks in jail earlier this year and was released from inpatient rehab less than a month ago. lohan even admitted to failing the drug test on twitter. she will remain free until her court hearing this friday. singer bruno mars is facing possible cocaine charges in las vegas. police busted him early sunday after being detained by security at the hard rock hotel and casino. officials say mars had 2.6 grams of coke on him. here's what we're working on for the news edge at 11:00, new information in the story fox 5 first broke last week. a rash of robberies near the university of maryland. tonight we're learning another arrest has been made and there's been another attack. we're taking a closer look at the parking problems for the disabled. watch what happens when a man tries to find a wheelchair accessible spot and who's to blame may surprise you. plus maryland farmers are going to battle.
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their enemy is simply called the stink bug and it could be coming to your house, too.
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don't put away all the summer clothes. it's going make a comeback just in time for fall. forecast next.
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if you like today, you'll love tomorrow. >> i think tomorrow is even nicer, not quite as breezy. >> my little man when i took him outside to go to school today, he said i think you need a jacket. i'm like trust me, you'll warm up. he's like i don't know. he questions everything. >> always listen to daddy because he's already right, but tomorrow might be colder. we're headed for the low 40s but by noon it is warm again. they've got to kind of have layers of clothe this time of year. it's chilly tonight, already seeing places in the 50s, but step outside anyway and soak up this picture, if you can. this was sent to us by greg redfern who is a sky guy here at fox 5. the little dot in the corner is really pretty big and
10:48 pm
impressive outside. that is jupiter and it's in the southeast sky right now. you'll see it also near the full moon and why you want to look at it is because it's somewhat of a rare opportunity. by the way, this photo is on as well as two other photos taken by greg, one of which shows the moons of jupiter and the planet really close up. let's go over to the weather map because i want you to see this is the night of opposition which means that jupiter is opposite the sun. it came up just as the is up was setting and it's really brilliant -- sun was setting and it's really brilliant and pretty close to the planet right now. enjoy is t while you can. it's the close -- it while you can. it's the closest jupiter will be to us until 2022. only the moon is brighter in the sky. the telescope view is excellent. if you don't have one, you can look at greg's picture he took through a telescope because there are a lot of interesting things to see on the planet. that's for sure. lots more on check it out and also check out
10:49 pm
these temperatures, low 80s to about 78 degrees across the region today. it is definitely going to be getting chillier tonight, but then we do have a warm-up coming. tomorrow is delightful, 79 degrees, but wednesday, thursday and friday pushing 90 and feeling a bit more humid, too. may even be a late night thunderstorm wednesday night into thursday and then again late friday into saturday. so a little heat will be building. i'll show you what's going on with that in a moment. check out the temperatures, though, quite a range from d.c. still near 70 and then you see places like frederick down to 54 degrees. we will see our temperatures drop tonight. it's extremely dry, no clouds, so it's going to be easy for our temperatures to tank and a pretty decent range of low 40s to mid-50, 50 in binghamton. it won't be this cold tomorrow. they've got to describe it as almost chilly in some sports, 45 winchester, 46 germantown, 55 in the district, bowie about
10:50 pm
48 degrees, but under the clear skies with light winds and really dry air it's easy for those temperatures to fall and that's what the kids have to be ready for in the morning. it's going to be saney beautiful day. we'll climb to 70 -- a chilly beautiful day. we'll climb to 70 degrees and by noon it's 74 and by 4:00 79 degrees. now i want to also show you what we think will happen to cause that big warm-up. high pressure tomorrow will be right on top of us, but over the next couple days it slips off the coast like we saw it do so much over the summer and then we start getting that southwest wind, very hot this time of year. that's why we'll probably see some 90s and even some very hot 80s just up to our north. it will be real nice tomorrow as that high is transitioning from the comfortable spot to the hotspot over the next couple days. we will watch late wednesday for some badly needed rain around here. we are terribly dry. it's dusty and we could use a little rain to settle the ground. i'm afraid that's probably all
10:51 pm
we'll get as we look at the late night wednesday time period and into thursday. it will be this frontal system. most of it will go to our north. we will stay warm ahead of it and you know what, pretty warm after it passes. so here's your five-day forecast. as we get into the weekend, i like the trend i'm seeing. we might have an early morning thunderstorm on saturday at 84 degrees, but that front should keep moving and bring in even more delightful weather for the end of the week. so we have been on a run this september. we've got some beauti fuwe could sure use more rain a by the end of those three hot days everybody will be like bring back the other september. we like that more. >> thank you, sue. putting tap water to the test tonight. d.c. water claims local tap water comes out on top when it comes to taste. the results are from a blind taste test last week outside dmv offices in southeast. stacy ryder wants to let people know tap water takes good, costs about a penny a gallon and meets strict federal standards.
10:52 pm
the federal government is being asked to implement tougher food safety standards. the food and beverage industry wants a bill passed to prevent food contamination at the manufacturer, require facilities to have a food safety plan, give the fda the power to order mandatory recalls and do more frequent inspections. >> the seemingly endless number of foodborne illness outbreaks and recalls of contaminated products have that have occurred over the last few years demonstrates the clear need for this legislation. >> the group wants the senate to vote on this measure sometime this week. these days most of us eat genetically modified food. what about genetically altered animals? the fda is beginning with salmon and if the so-called aqua advantage salmon is approved, it would be the first genetically engineered animal created for food use. fox 5's melanie alnwick looks at the debate. >> reporter: atlantic salmon high in protein and omega 3 fatty acids is a popular choice on many plates, but it's tough
10:53 pm
to find in the wild anymore. much of the atlantic salmon sold in the u.s. comes from commercial fish farms. now the fish farming company aqua bounty has figured out a way to put a growth hormone gene into atlantic salmon eggs. the gene mix taken from the chinook salmon and a eel makes the hatchlings grand canyon faster in a contained -- hatch lippings grow faster in a contained environment. -- hatchlings grow faster in a contained environment. >> it's been shown the health problems develop over time. >> reporter: groups like the alliance for natural health and consumers union are raising concerns about whether the gene increases the risk of allergic reaction and if consumers could ingest the growth hormone. >> the science was so poorly done with small sample sizes that we don't know. >> reporter: consumers union says data was derived from samples of less than 75 fish.
10:54 pm
aqua bounty stands by its science. >> we produced a tremendous amount of data that has been reviewed in a very rigorous robust scientific review by the fda and their conclusions are that this food is safe to consume as the traditional food and is indistinguishable from the traditional food. >> reporter: an fda advisory committee is debating the data now. the next issue is labeling. aqua bounty believes it should be voluntary. consumers union does not. >> we did a survey last year of the u.s. population not just consumer reports readers and we found 95% said any meat or milk from a genetically engineered animal should be labeled. >> reporter: if the fda approves the aqua advantage salmon it will be a first for human food but by no means the last in the brave new world of genetically modified animals. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. coming up next a popular program is making its way to the district. it's new, the largest of its kind in the united states.
10:55 pm
coming up we'll tell you what it is and how much it will cost you. coming up in minutes the feds say this guy is on a massive crime spree up and down the east coast. the news edge striking his trail at 11:00. >> this broadcast is brought to you by your local dodge, jeep and chrysler dealers.
10:56 pm
i'm ahmed mady and i'm a homebuilder. my father brought me up to give back to society... felicia jackson promised her late sister that she would take care of her children. but she needed help. i used my american express open card to get half a million points to buy building materials to help build the jackson family a new home. well, i know if my dad was still around, he would have told me, with no doubt... he would have told me it's a no brainer and i knew that from the start.
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it was an honor. booming is moving forward by giving back.
10:58 pm
area bikers have reason to smile tonight. the district expanded its area to include arlington want fox 5's karen gray houston will tell us -- arlington. fox 5's karen gray houston will tell us about the expansion. >> reporter: they came, they saw, they bike. local and federal officials joined a legion of biking enthusiasts in front of the new u.s. department of transportation headquarters in southeast. >> the only thing better than
10:59 pm
talking about bicycling is bicycling. >> reporter: capital bike sharing is a regional program with 100 stations in the strict and 14 in arlington. you can pick up a bike and ride it all over the area. >> i don't need a cup of coffee after riding a couple miles on the bike. >> reporter: it's a new concept here in virginia. the district has had a smart bike program in place since 2007 and installed bike lanes all over town. we found considerable interest at the new capital bike share station across from the crystal city metro. there are all kind of benefits to a program like this one. for one thing, the first 30 minutes of each trip are fre and everybody likes a freebie. you have to be a member. you can join online and ride for one day, one month or one year. >> if i want to go down the street or something right now onon 23rd street and get lump, i could see -- down on 23rd street and get lunch, i could see myself possibly biking there and
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